Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tie Post 14 - OBAMA TIE

This "Harrisburg Collection" tie is called the Obama tie by Detective Ninja. He claims the design reminds him of the Obama "O". I see Pepsi in the tie myself, What does the tie say to you?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tie Post 13

This tie post comes from "The Valley" Collection. This is a rare look at this collection, he hides in the shadows of day shift, never seen but always there. He takes care of his "people" and has connections everywhere. This tie means business.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tie Post 12

I was in an evening shift Sgt's office tonight, discussing a case involving his people. He offered me a Dr Pepper, but I had to decline. I did not want to make my Coca-Cola Polar Bear mad.

Tie Posts what does that have to do with cops? If you are new to the site, Howdy and Welcome. These ties came out of a plan that a couple of us schemed up. To read the full account go here ( To the rest of my readers I have some more ties coming!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tie Post 11 - I Luv My City

I wonder if this tie is appropriate when interviewing a tango blast houstone. This tie came from the "Harrisburg" collection.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tie Post 10 - He's Da Man

It has been a really busy and long week. I was going to do a Tie Vote but when he wore this tie, I knew he won. I did not get a picture of him wearing it, but I can testify to the fact that he did, and for his entire shift.
This tie is a part of the "Harrisburg" collection, We are doing out part in supporting the local economy, two dollars at a time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tie Post 9

My cell phone camera does not like the black shirt and a "Harrisburg" collection Tie!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tie Post 8

These were the Ties of Wedesday. The Texas Heater is wearing a "Harrisburg" collection tie and I am wearing an "ebay" collection tie. I hope y'all enjoy these "collections" as much as we do!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tie Post 7

Sorry, We did not have time today to be goofy with the picture. We actually were busy the entire day. I think this entire week will be that way. So, how is this tie?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tie Post 6

Sorry it is a little out of focus, It was taken with my cellphone camera. If you look closely those are squirrels on my tie.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tie Post 3

On today's Tie Day, You have a chance to pick your favorite tie from the "Harrisburg" Collection. Is it the Daisy or is it the one worn by the Ghostrider?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tie Picture #1

Day shift Detective wearing a really nice yellow and pink tie. What does it do for y'all? You didn't think I would go first did you?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Neckties and Fashion

I was working some really good hours in patrol. I had weekends off, life was good, until the command staff decided to reorganize the department. Well with this re alignment they did away with "power shift" and the weekend days off were scaled back.

There were two openings in our investigation division. Funny thing is, no one applied for the job, probably because of some conflict that was on-going, you know personalities. Well, I was approached by a friend who worked up there about coming up. I declined the invite and told him about all the rumors that were being shared.

The Lieutenant of Investigations, seen me chatting with someone in the hallway. He comes and tells me, that the Captain wanted to see me. OK, I will check in with him and I continued to chat. The Lt. came back and said the Captain needs to see you now! Well I guess he can't wait, so I walk on down to his office and the door shuts behind me. So it is the Lt. and the Captain and me. So they start laying in on me about how good I am and why I wasn't applying for the investigator position and I am wasting my time by not doing nothing and it was straight out of good cop bad cop.

Well, I have nothing to loose, so I told them all the rumors that were flying around, and how I did not want the drama. They addressed each and every rumor, Captain probably did not know half of what was going on (Sgt. Youngster drama). Anyway, They basically promised me what I wanted, except for that private refrigerator filled with Dr Pepper. So, I went to my other buddy who also is an old head and he was looking for a shift to go to. Me and him came from another department and was hired in the same class. He is like a brother to me, known him over 20 years and we always get into sh*t together. We both decided to go and become Detectives.

Oddly, we were chosen to fill the two open positions. We were told at the "interview" that we would not be "shoe ins", except no one else applied for the positions........

Well we started on January 2nd and that same week a memo came out about all Investigators shall now wear neck ties. New rule, and a rule that if we both knew was coming we would have declined the positions. I am a person that has worn a neck tie about 5 times in my entire life. I don't even know how to tie one. (thanks to the internet, I found out how)

We had a little get together over lunch to decide how we are going to address this new requirement. There were 3 of us who have never worn one before and were not happy. Sgt. Youngster would be no help and the other Sargent was off on short term medical.

An idea was born, the memo says neck ties, so we will where neck ties. The most cheesiest, brightest, sickest, silliest, grossest, stupidest, neck ties we can find. We will pick who wins the tie of the day award. So with ties going for 20 dollars and up, what is a poor detective going to do? The thrift store! So me and my partner go into the barrio and start tie shopping, we got some really really fantastic ties. I found a pig tie, yes you heard it right a pig tie. Hummmm, cop, pig, perfect!

We named our cheap two dollar ties the "Harrisburg" collection because that is the name of the road the store is on and it sounds classy. I think the entire Department knew about our scheme except for the command staff. We have wore some of the funniest ties around, my partner has a daisy tie (better him then me) that is really bright. Unfortunately the order still stands but we have fun with it. We have purchased a lot of the Jerry Garcia ties on EBay real cheap, and they have some class to them. I do keep one or two conservative ties in my desk for that just in case meeting with another agency or court personnel.

So, if you have any neck ties to get rid of.....................

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Children of the Wind

Children of the Wind

A Story of the ComancheBy Dr. David Yeagley(quin-ne Kash-su-it)

Comanche people didn’t come out of the earth, like the other people. We were born from the wind. We were simple, without masks, and we rode the Wind, in wild, fearless freedom, and in the joy of savage innocence.

They say we are from the Shoshoni people, from the North Country, and the Snake River. They say we separated from them, and stayed in the mountains, while everyone else moved farther down and on to the endless prairies.

We stayed in the Rocky Mountains, the southern parts, for many generations. Everyone forgot about us. In time, most people did know we even existed. We lived a long time there, in the mountains, by ourselves. We had no concern about other people, or whether they knew about us. We were happy among ourselves. That was enough.

We had nothing that anyone else was interested in. We had no clothes, no religion, and no shining thing. We were naked of culture. Our secret time in the mountains stripped us of anything superfluous. We shed all that was unnecessary. We understood the truth about our life. Only our will, our hands, and the wind gave us life. It was a pure, simple life. We had no need of other people.

One day, a few of us wandered out to the edge of the mountains, and saw something that reminded us of our birth. It was a relative of the Wind, the horse. We called him ta' hayh. The Wind loved this relative, and brought us to him, because the Wind knew we would love him. We and the horse felt a deep kinship. It seemed ancient, and forever. We wondered how we ever became separated.

We realized that the horse was the sign to us, from the Wind. It was time for use to leave the mountains, and to ride the Wind relative over the plains. We made our new home on the horse. He was the son of the Wind. He would take us into the Wind, and there we would feel our first home again. It was a rebirth. We seemed like we had been lost, but the Wind had found us. And we were ready.

In the time of three grandfathers, we rode over all the plains south and southwest of our mountain womb. We were different from everyone we saw. The earth people were strange people to us, and they all ran from us. Then we chased them away. The Wind was ours, and all it touched, the land, the rivers, and the sky. We were alone, with our life. We moved. We were always moving, like the Wind. For us, moving was life.

We liked things that flowed with the wind, things that made the Wind appear before our eyes. The tall grass waved as the Wind passed over. We could see the touch of the Wind, and its path. The horse carried the Wind on his neck, and on his tail, when he ran. He was a true son of the Wind. And riding on him, we felt the Wind in our hair, and we grew our hair longer and longer. We made long leather hair for our legs, our arms, and we became one with our relative the horse. Together we were children of the Wind.

We became great hunters. We liked most to chase the animals that ran the fastest. We could feel the Wind better that way. We wouldn’t let any earth people hunt with us, or come with us anywhere our Wind blew.

After a long time, more and more strange people came to the land where our Wind blew. They didn’t like to move. They liked to stay in one place. They got in our way, as we rode the Wind. And there was war between them and us. We didn’t understand these people. The other earth people had gone away from us, but there were other people, who would not go away. And they had fire in their walking sticks, fire that burned, and killed.

There were too many of them. They begin to chase us, and to destroy us. They did not want us to be with the Wind anymore. They came between us and our life. They killed our relative, the horse, and then put us behind wooden walls. This was terrible and sad for us. We never understood why this happened. It killed our hearts. We became stone.

They forced us to live with earth people, and we began to feel their ways a little. We didn’t do their dances much, but we wore some of their clothes. We liked the things that could feel the Wind. Some of the earth people knew about the Wind.

Today, we are still behind walls. We cannot move with the Wind. We know she is there, always, but we cannot be part of him. Today, we only remember the Wind. We can only remember the days of deep freedom. We are not riding, and we’re not feeling the Wind, but we remember.

Today, only my mind can freely wander. My spirit rides the Wind, and I cover much land, but it is all ghost land, a land where no one lives. I am free there, and my spirit helps me feel like days past, when I rode as the Wind. I hunt ideas, and there are many of them. I kill, and eat, and ride again. I like the big game, the fastest, so I can feel the Wind in my heart.